Luxury, Boutique and Romantic Accommodation in Broome

Blessed by Mother Nature in a mind-bendingly beautiful way.

Marvel sunsets and scout for pearls in Broome

The pearl in Western Australia’s crown, Broome treats its visitors to world-famous white sands, dazzling turquoise waters, natural phenomenon and a feast of colours. Then you have the world-class resorts and boutique apartments that guarantee restful slumbers.

This remote township has matured into a leading destination for travellers seeking that most elusive experience: outback ambience with a culturally cosmopolitan gloss. Broome has it. From its early days, Broome welcomed people of Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian and Middle Eastern origin who together have created a unique and enduring culture. Yet Broome has an undeniably outback Aussie flavour - and the result is an enchantingly diverse travel experience with luxury accommodation of equal allure.

Broome is the pearling capital of Australia, and discovery of these iridescent treasures created a migration boom that left a lasting footprint on the town. Cruise to a local pearl farm to see how these gems are cultured, or visit a showroom in Chinatown to take one home with you. Chinatown is also where you’ll find Sun Pictures, the world’s oldest operating outdoor cinema. Book an evening session to catch a flick under the starry sky, and watch out for planes taking off or landing overhead. The streets of Broome are also lined with galleries, pubs and cafes. Plus, the town are home to buzzing and colourful markets on Saturdays, Sundays and on full moons. 

Make for Roebuck Bay between March and October to witness Staircase to the Moon, a natural spectacle where the full moon rises over exposed mud flats and creates a spectacular optical illusion. Use your base in Broome as a springboard to explore the neighbouring Cable Beach, a sandy stretch famous for it sunsets. Your Broome accommodation will be a great starting point for adventure tours into the Kimberley – and what an adventure awaits you. 

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