Luxury, Romantic and Boutique Accommodation on Flinders Island

An island experience minus palm trees and coconuts.
Dive into a remote luxury escape on Flinders Island

Islands don’t always come in the tropical variety - just look at Flinders Island. With good looks to rival its northern-lying counterparts and just as many beautiful beaches, this Tasmanian isle appeals to travellers seeking an island escape with a difference.

Flinders Island sits within the Furneaux Group, a string of 52 islands, and is the largest of the cluster. A part of Flinders Island's lure is its remoteness and getting here is an adventure in itself. It does call for more slightly more travel, but the pay off of that charter flight or Bridport ferry is a rugged, remote landscape that you can practically call your own. You can arrive on the island from the mainland too, with some flights leaving from Essendon Airport in Victoria. 

In the accommodation stakes, Flinders Island is sprinkled everything from beach houses boasting uninterrupted views to eco-friendly villas and luxury cabins.

Knowing what to do and see first on Flinders Island isn’t always a simple decision. There’s just too much to choose from. Will you visit Wybalenna historic site, or do you tackle the Strzelecki Peaks Walk? Then again, the thought of a lazy sleep in and leisurely walk might be more your style. Those with the beach on the brain are in for a treat and can meander along one of the deserted stretches close to your luxury escape. Head to Diamonds Creek or Mines Creek to scour the area for a Flinders Island 'diamond'. These 'diamonds' are actually a type of topaz and can vary in colour. Those not lucky enough to spot their own gem can always pick one up in Whitemark, the island's main settlement. 

However you get to know the Flinders Island landscape, you'll no doubt stumble upon some of the island's most famous inhabitants. A myriad of birdlife, from petite wrens to impressive albatross, plus wallabies, wombats and a collection of marine life can all be spotted on land or in the water. 

Everything Flinders Island offers is yours to see and do on a luxury getaway to this magnificent isle. There are accommodation options to suit travelling families and groups, as well as tucked-away dens for couples wanting to get away on a love-in. Find your next boutique escape with our range of Flinders Island stays, or look through our Tasmania accommodation.