Luxury, Romantic and Boutique Accommodation in the Flinders Ranges and Outback

Colourful characters, heritage towns and landscapes that have to be seen to be believed.
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The Flinders Ranges and Outback have it all, including boutique accommodation

Extraordinary landscapes and exotic wildlife – this is the southern Flinders Ranges. A stark, and stunning, contrast to the famous South Australian coastline, the Flinders Ranges offers its visitors adventure, Australian history and a smattering of accommodation to suit every holiday style. 

Mount Remarkable lives up to its name (its Hidden Gorge is splendid) and the region is dotted with historic towns such as Booleroo Centre, Melrose and Orroroo. Each has traditional country pubs and outdoor activities including riding the Pichi Richi Railway at Quorn.

The gateway to the central Flinders Ranges is through Hawker, where you should make time to see the nearby Yourambulla Caves. As you venture on from Hawker, magnificent desert landscapes unfold along the road leading to Wilpena Pound. Perhaps the best view of the Pound is from the rim, where the craggy ramparts of this volcanic reserve catch the changing light of day to great effect.

Further north is Coober Pedy, the outback opal-mining town that provides one of Australia’s most inimitable tourism experiences. You can stay in an underground apartment, shop for opals from reputable galleries and even dine in a cave. Above ground, explore the mining operations and take the time to talk with the locals – they’ll have tall stories of the latest opal seams and big strikes to share with you. From Coober Pedy, you are on your way to Alice Springs, through some of Australia’s most awe-inspiring scenery.

Wherever you end up, this huge area of South Australia will leave an effect – whether it be the breathtaking landscapes or the colourful characters you’ll meet along the way, most likely propping up the bar in some small outback town.

Discover our handpicked Flinders Ranges and Outback accommodation and ensure a truly memorable escape. We also have a collection of accommodation across South Australia for those continuing their exploration further afield.