Luxury, Romantic and Boutique Accommodation in the Whitsunday Region Reef Islands and Mackay

A destination that needs almost no introduction, the Whitsundays is where tropical island dreams come true.
Pack your snorkel and book luxury accommodation - it's time to see the Whitsunday Region Reef Islands and Mackay

Of all of Australia’s tropical destinations, the Whitsundays is the most famous. Even just a mention of this paradise is enough to conjure mental images of deserted beaches, swaying palm trees and waters so clear you can see your toes.

The Whitsundays sit in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and are made up of 74 islands boasting blonde-sand beaches and small towns. While some choose to stay on one of the islands, another option is to stick to the mainland - Airlie Beach, Hydeaway Bay, Bowen, Proserpine, Collinsville - and venture out on daily excursions, using sail boats, catamarans and even small planes to explore.

One of The Whitsunday’s most popular islands is Hamilton Island, home to five-star resorts, Catseye Beach and luxe villas. It makes a perfect base for exploring the nearby Whitehaven Beach. Other jaw-dropping isles are the exclusive Hayman Island, compact Daydream Island and Long Island (not to be confused with the cocktail). Water sports and underwater thrills reign supreme no matter what island you are staying on, but kicks can be had on dry land too, thanks to national parks, picnic spots, lookout points and walking tracks. Of course, doing nothing might sound just as tempting and the extend of your day's agenda may involve nothing more strenuous than a few morning stretches and wandering between your luxury Whitsundays accommodation and the pool.

Accommodation in the Whitsundays is almost as famous as the islands themselves. All tastes, styles and budgets are sorted, from five-star, want-for-nothing resorts to multi-bedroom villas with a view, self-contained apartments and contemporary cottages. The Whitsundays is a destination for families, couples and groups.

Almost two hours south of the Whitsundays is Mackay, a city that offers a quieter way to explore the central Queensland coast. With its beautiful beaches, bustling esplanades and gorgeous inland areas, the Mackay region is a treasure trove of things to do and excellent holiday accommodation. A handful of islands are located off the shore, offering snorkelling and dive sites, national parks and even a shipwreck.

Explore our stable of luxury and boutique accommodation in the Whitsundays and Mackay and start planning your next getaway. Alternatively, broaden your holiday horizons by looking through our Queensland accommodation.