Luxury, Romantic and Boutique Accommodation in Cape Tribulation

Where the forest meets the sea.
Two natural wonders collide on Cape Tribulation

Venture further north of Cairns and Port Douglas and you'll find yourself in the tropical wonderland of the Daintree and Cape Tribulation; Australia's greatest rainforest wilderness and home to some of the country’s best boutique accommodation. Here you’ll find an irresistible combination of exotic vistas, extraordinary wildlife and pampering for all the senses.

At least once in your life, we think you should treat yourself and visit this World Heritage-listed treasure. The Daintree is an encapsulating space that invites you in through its mystery and untouched natural beauty. As you approach from the south, the rainforest draws closer and the ancient landscape, studded with creek crossings, beaches, bays and unexpected vistas of the Coral Sea, begins to reveal its secrets. Pack a picnic to enjoy on the pristine white sands of Cape Tribulation, a remote headland and coastal area within the Daintree National Park where the forest meets the sea.

There is more to Cape Tribulation's location other than just looking good. This is where the Daintree meets the Great Barrier Reef. One minute you'll be wandering the white sands of a deserted beach or wading through the azure waters, then you'll be strolling along a rainforest walkway, keeping your eyes peeled for brightly-coloured butterflies, curious birds and smaller mammals.

Man-made activities are few and far between in Cape Tribulation; the region prefers to let its natural wonders do the heavy lifting. Self-drive tours are popular but to see places only locals know about, and where a hire car can't or won't take you, it is also worth joining up with a guide. Those based in luxury Port Douglas accommodation can make the day trip to Cape Tribulation. It is only a 45-minute drive north and the Daintree Ferry, the only cable ferry of its kind in Australia, will take you into the lowlands.

If you do want to stay on the Cape, take you pick from the offerings of boutique accommodation - five-star hotels, eco-lodges, tucked-away retreats and homely B&Bs. You'll find options in our selection of Cape Tribulation accommodation, as well as other boutique stays perfect for your next Queensland getaway