QUIZ: Who Are You In Your Girls' Getaway Group?

Posted by Stephanie Mikkelsen on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The dynamics of each girl squad are pretty unique, but one thing every gal gang has in common is that its members tend to take on distinct roles.

You know the roles we're talking about: you have the friend that is always late, the one that makes the restaurant reservations and that bestie who whispers in your ear that you definitely, absolutely should order the $40 cocktail that comes with a novelty back-scratcher. A girls' trip is no different, and when it comes to organising a group weekend away - and being on the getaway itself - everyone plays their part. So which part is yours? Find out by taking the quiz below, and once you have your personality type head over to our Girls' Getaway Collection to discover a slew of stays perfect for any girls' weekend. And if more than one takes your fancy (and let's be honest, that is totally going to happen!) what better way to make a decision than by letting our What Kind of Girls' Trip Is For You? quiz help guide you!

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