7 Ways to Heat Things Up on Your Romantic Getaway

Posted by Stephanie Mikkelsen on Thursday, July 27, 2017

Nope, we’re not talking wrapping yourself up like a fuzzy blanket burrito. Likewise though, this round up doesn’t involve the epic OTT dates and gestures usually only seen on an episode of The Bachelor. It’s the smaller things – especially those you can take care of in advance – that will make sure you really feel the love on your next romantic rendezvous. Put simply, embrace these tips and you’ll be on your way to a weekend with more sizzle than a Bunnings barbecue on Saturday morning.

1. Mood Setters

You know the drill with this one. Heating things up call for all the clichés. Think scented candles and a playlist teeming with caramel-smooth crooners. Fill your temporary (albeit luxurious) digs with the sweet serenading of Barry White or Michael Bublé and feel the temperature rise. Not hot enough? Ignite a spark – figuratively and literally, that is – by lighting a fireplace and cuddling up to your cutie.

2. Sate Your Appetite

With a picnic, of course! (Why, what did you think we were talking about?). Fill a picnic basket or a backpack with travel-hardy treats, a blanket and even a cushion for extra comfort. Couples shacking up in a getaway set on manicured grounds can set themselves up on a secluded patch of lawn, or you could seek out local picnic spots and walks. Not the outdoorsy type? Lay out your blanket and lounge on the living room floor. Add a crackling fireplace for extra romantic feels.

3. Leave the Tech at Home

Swap Instagram stalking for staring into your other half's eyes… at least for the weekend. Nothing says romance killer like being glued to your phone when you’re supposed to be spending time with your steady. Unplugging for a couple of days can be as refreshing as it is enjoyable, and Facebook will still be there when you pry yourself out of the loved-up-weekend bubble.

4. Snacks

Because it’s hard to be romantic when you’re hangry. Plus having a stash of favourite treats on hands means more time spent indoors enjoying your, ahem, accommodation and less time wandering the aisles of the local supermarket for supplies.

5. Over 18s Only, Please

Are the shrill sounds of little kids compatible with an amorous weekend? Probably not. Couples without a brood can book adults-only accommodations, or request digs away from any communal or shared spaces.

6. Get Handsy

Interpret this how you will. It might lead to arranging in-room massages, or a couples’ cooking or pottery class – after all, we’ve all seen how that scene in Ghost ends.

7. Find a Getaway That Gives You Butterflies

Your main squeeze isn’t the only thing that can set your heart racing on your weekend away. You might be the sort that gets flushed at the mention of luxury linens, or swoons with the promise of a sudsy soak in a deep freestanding bathtub. The perfect accommodation goes a long way in helping create a romantic setting for you and your paramour, so be sure to check out the stays in the Couples' Weekend collection. Expect secluded country digs, retreats flanked by rainforest and beautiful cottages - all less than a two hours' drive of a major city.