9 Reasons a City Staycation is the New Weekend Getaway

Posted by Sarah Thomson on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

When was the last time you explored your home city? And not just a whirlwind visit where you picked up some shopping or stopped to pick up some lunch on your daily commute. 

Become reacquainted with your urban backyard by booking a staycation, a new kind of weekend getaway. A quick trip into your home city's CBD is all it takes to kickstart your weekend break, and travellers can expect to live it up with a standard of luxury that can rival any country or coastal break. A staycation is for those ready to let loose their inquisitive nature, and it will likely reignite your love for your local metropolis. Whether you put time aside for an entire weekend or you can only squeeze in one night away, it’s time to explore the stockpile of incredible sights in your hometown. Check out some reasons for taking a staycation below, and then head over to the City Getaways and Staycations Collection to find your perfect city-centre escape.

1. You want to be a tourist in your own town

Take a leaf from the traveller’s handbook and step into the shoes of those tourists you usually overtake on the footpath. After all, just because a certain activity or sight is popular with out-of-town visitors doesn't mean it should be crossed off the to-do list of locals. The view from the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb is just as spectacular no matter if you're a native Sydneysider or not, and you don't need to be a first-time visitor to Melbourne to appreciate the appeal of the city's Queen Victoria Markets. And the best part is you won’t need to stop at every street corner checking Google maps because you already know the quickest way to walk to Salamanca Place or the galleries in Brisbane's South Bank. To really play the part of the tourist, look to purchasing a multi-pass for entry offers and specials. You'll likely discover a gem you want to return to on your next staycation.

2. You want to be crowned the trivia master

Knowledge is power! Brushing up on the history of your hometown could be your one-way ticket to scoring a win for your team at an upcoming trivia night. By visiting sights and places that form an intrinsic part of your city's history, you'll be well prepared for when the 'Local Knowledge' section comes up at trivia. Plus you might also glean some tidbits to use as any awkward conversation ice-breakers. Bonus! For a helping hand in uncovering your city's past, sign up to a free walking tour or other guided activity. 

3. You only have one night free

When you have a hankering for a getaway but only have one night to play with, the staycation is a traveller's best friend. You might want to make the most of your one day off, or you could have tickets to a concert in town and fancy continuing the post-show celebration. Most city hotels and apartments welcome one-night stays, so they make the natural go-to for a whirlwind getaway.

Reasons for a staycation Sydney Harbour Bridge

Image: Sydney Harbour Bridge. Michael Amadeus, Unsplash.

4. You deserve midweek R&R

Ensconce yourself in a sea of pillows and an oversized doona with a stash of favourites from the minibar and goodie basket. Or maybe you fancy some room service at 3am? The choice is yours to be waited on throughout all hours of the night. Sign into your hotel’s day spa for the ultimate me-time reward, like a hot stone massage or aromatherapy to work out tension and muscle tightness. Keep the secret to yourself, or treat your loved one to a mini getaway that will have you re-booking before you check out. Leave your suite for the day and return to your turn-downed nest with the opportunity of back-to-back indulgence.

5. You've found an unmissable accommodation deal

Found a special offer for a city hotel that is too good to ignore? Don't! Book that room upgrade or indulgent weekend package and use it as your excuse to discover your city. Some hotels may also offer discounts to shows, sporting events and theatre productions too. This could also prompt you to surprise your partner with a romantic weekend. Team it up with an incredible dinner at one of the city's hottest restaurants, a couples' massage or a late-night spa, and you will want to take a staycation every weekend. 

6. You want to keep your feet on the ground

No one likes sitting knees-to-chin in economy class next to a screaming child, and all of this can be avoided by discovering local delights. This staycation will be your home-away-from-home and exploring known territory will comfort you like hearty food on a frosty night. Just think, instead of an hour spent queued checking into the flight, you can instead dedicate to exploring a gallery. By staying close to home, you can sample fresh brews from a local roaster rather than sipping airport coffee twice the regular price. Plus, the reduced travel time will provide you with more opportunity to return to new-found city faves.

Reasons for a staycation ACDC lane

Image: AC/DC Lane, Melbourne. Visit Victoria. 

7. You are eager to get a cultural fix

All cities have a cultural scene, be it galleries teeming with acclaimed works, laneways strewn with graffiti, or live music venues known for being the place to hear up-and-coming artists. A staycation can be your launchpad for exploring all of the above, and can allow you to see your city in a whole new light through these vibrant art and music scenes. Whether you're into the street art that bedecks exposed brick walls around the CBD, or if you're desperate to finally visit that gallery since it opened; dig around and appreciate the hues that paint your city to life.

8. You are without your normal ride

Uh-oh. That little yellow light flashing on your dashboard probably means your car is due for its annual service. Drop off your wheels at the mechanic and pencil in that road trip for another weekend. Use public transport to reach the CBD, or arrange for an Uber to drop you right at the front door of your city hotel or apartment. Besides, who needs horse-power to get you around when everything you want to see, eat and do in your local CBD can be reached with a quick walk or bus ride?

9. You want to do your bit for the environment

Taking a staycation may not be something you immediately associate with reducing your carbon footprint. However, it can definitely be the case if you use eco-friendly methods to travel and make your way around during your getaway. Many cities have cheap, if not free, bike hire systems and anyone can pick up a set of two wheels to take for a spin between skyscrapers. You will also be able to pedal your way along dedicated bike paths, seeing sights that may usually be off limits to those in cars. Plus, cruising around on a bike will give you more opportunity to notice unique details of the city.

Reasons for a staycation hire bikes

Image: Hire bikes. Diego Duarte Cereceda, Unsplash. 

Hero image: Sydney city outline. Aron Visuals, Unsplash. 

Eager to book a staycation of your own? Find urban hotels and apartments in our City Getaways and Staycations Collection.