6 Things to Remember When Taking Property Photography

The saying goes that a picture tells one thousand words. That's true even when it comes to finding and booking accommodation online. Guests can tell so much about your property from the images displayed on your listing gallery, and we know that the most popular properties on site are consistently represented by top quality photography. So it stands to reason that it is in your best interests to invest in great photography if you wish to convert guests. Beautiful Accommodation highly recommends all properties employ professional real estate photography in order to present your property in the best light. Below, we have included some of the key elements to keep in mind when you are thinking about taking your own photography, or when submitting photography to Beautiful Accommodation.


Lighting is so important to ensuring high quality images. You don’t want your shots too dark, or too bright and glary. An integral part in shooting well-lit images is professional equipment. The proper kit can moderate exposure and light levels – especially the light that comes through windows. Also think about the time of day you’re shooting in. While your property may look great at night, this may not necessarily translate on camera. One of your property’s bedrooms may become moody and romantic as the sun sets, but this could make the bedroom look dark and poorly-lit in a photo.


Mirrors, glass shower panels and windows: all are perfect for showing a reflection when you need to check if a hair is out of place. The thing is, these glossy surfaces also show certain reflections when taking photos of your property. We have seen reflections of everything from property owners posed with a smartphone to flash photography flare and installed lighting. All images submitted to Beautiful Accommodation are looked at closely and any found to have out-of-place reflections will not be uploaded to a listing.

No People or Pets

We understand that some of our properties love photographs with people and pets, however our analysis shows that most Beautiful Accommodation users find these images polarising. An image of another couple or family may get in the way of future guests being able to imagine themselves at your property. We have decided to slowly phase out all photographs of people and pets from the Beautiful Accommodation site, and will not be accepting any new photographs with this content.

Clarity and Focus

A smudged lens or shaky hands can create blurry or out-of-focus photography. The technical specs of a camera can also lead to slow shutter speed, meaning the camera moves slightly as the shot is captured. A high quality camera and a professional photographer will eliminate any chance of blurry photographs. Clear and crisp images are the best way to show off your property. It is easy to tell when submitted photos have been taken on a smartphone – the quality simply doesn’t translate. Likewise, images taken on a GoPro or those submitted with a filter will not be uploaded to Beautiful Accommodation.


The dimensions of Beautiful Accommodation listing galleries are designed to house landscape-formatted images. Professional real estate photography also follows these guidelines. Images may need to be cropped if submitted in a square or portrait format. If, however, the photo cannot be adequately cropped without cutting out too much content it will be not uploaded in the listing.


Our audience love to see as much of the property as they can, and we know having imagery that shows every room and space goes a long way in helping guests book. So most, if not all, of your property photography should be of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living areas and the general floor plan. Beautiful Accommodation editors will prioritise including relevant room shots into galleries rather than tight frames or scenic shots that do not include the property’s grounds.

Feeling inspired to take new photography of your property? Through our connections within the industry, Beautiful Accommodation is happy to reach out to one of our real estate photographer freelancers and obtain a quote for a reshoot of your property. Simply email us and let us know you're interested in having a quote and shoot arranged.

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