How To Prepare For Your Next Girls' Weekend Away

Posted by Lexi Herbert on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It’s no easy feat to get yourself ready for work, for family gatherings, or even for a trip to the supermarket (are Birkenstocks and tracksuit pants in at the moment? Where do people draw the line between stylishly messy and actual bed hair? What would Anna Wintour do?). Something that should never provide you with unnecessary stress, however, is preparing for a girls’ trip. Hence, we have provided a wholly accurate and entirely extensive guide to getting yourself ready for your next girls’ getaway. Follow these steps and you’ll be ready to enjoy your next escape alongside your favourite gal pals.

Fake tan

Fake tan your whole body instead of just your legs, so you can all forget about the winter-hibernation you just endured alongside plentiful cups of coffee and numerous blanket nests. We know that fake-tanning can take a considerable amount of time, so why not prop your laptop up on the sink and watch something to give you some girls’ getaway inspo? We suggest Thelma and Louise – maybe just skip the last 20 minutes in terms of inspiration.


Create that perfect summer playlist

It’s finally time to skip over the soft, winter ballads of John Mayer and instead play the upbeat summery goodness of Vance Joy, HAIM, and Khalid. Take your time to craft the ultimate summer soundtrack for you and the girls to listen to as you fly down the road towards your chosen girls getaway destination. Perfect Places by Lorde for song of the summer, anyone?


Plan your outfits

If there’s one thing that scarred all of us, it’s the moment when Kate Sanders called Lizzie McGuire an outfit repeater in front of her whole high school class; equally iconic and horrifying. Spend a bit of time trying on a few different styles, or even a few pieces you haven’t been brave enough to wear outside yet. A getaway with your friends is the perfect time to wear something new, as you’ll rarely see anyone you know aside from the people who will give you an honest but tactfully delivered opinion. However, be prepared to dig deep into your cupboard for the summer clothes buried underneath a mountain of winter coats, scarves, and beanies.


Look up places to go

So, you know where you’re going, but do you know what you’re going to do when you get there? An essential component of a successful girls trip is a watertight itinerary; know where you’re going and when, know when these places are open for business, and know how to get there. Ideally, you’ll have done this a few weeks prior to the trip so you can organise and float a general budget. If you’re anything like us, however, you’ll be scrambling around at the last minute looking up happy hours and free chocolate tastings. And you know what? That’s fine, it’s all part of the ~experience~.


Know where your girls are at

Not literally, just mentally. Call them up or go out for lunch, and try to feel out the vibe of your friends so you can take this into account while you finalise the itinerary. You have started the itinerary, yeah? Oh god, they’re going to kill you. Now your phone is ringing because you haven’t actually organised the itinerary yet even though you told Becky that you’d done it weeks ago and Steph is so committed to the party that she’s already bought a box of Sauvignon Blanc bottles from some obscure alcohol outlet and Meg is starting to obsess over budgeting and nobody knows whose car is taking what or whether or not the accommodation has a bottle opener and you are S T R E S S E D. But it’s fine; you’ll throw it back to your student days and just do the whole itinerary tomorrow when you should have been doing for the past 3 weeks.



Where is your suitcase? Where are your flip flops? Which bathers should you take? Do these outfits actually work? Are heels necessary? Pop open a bottle of beer while you pack, it’ll go quicker.


Call your mum

Chances are she’s had plenty of her own girls getaways in her time. Hence, she is a fountain of wisdom; what unexpected issues should you plan for? What are some fun road trip games to get you through the long drives? What are some fun drinking games to get you through all of Steph’s bottles of sauv blanc? Channel your inner boy scout: BE PREPARED.


Double check

Make sure you’ve got the two most important things: a phone charger and your wallet. The wallet speaks for itself, but the phone charger gives you the ability to capture all of your favourite girls getaway moments. Splurge all of your getaway pics onto your Instagram grid, or save them for later when you can print them out and stick them into a scrapbook. Whatever you plan to do, make sure you get some memories caught on film so you can look back on them and remember the getaway as best you can.