7 Reasons To Have A Girls' Getaway

Posted by Lexi Herbert on Friday, December 1, 2017

It can be tricky to get together with your best friends on a regular basis, and even though setting aside time to wine, dine, chill out and gossip with your girl group may take some shuffling of dates; the pay off is undeniably worth it! And with that in mind, it could be high time you head off on a girls' trip. There are so many beautiful locations across Australia to choose from so all you need to do it gas up the car and gather your friends for a weekend you'll remember long after the last flute of sparkling has been poured. If you do need a little bit of encouragement to book a girls' weekend though, we're here to help out. Check out these seven reasons to have a girls' trip below, and find the perfect accommodation for your escape in our Girls' Getaway Collection

1. You need to relax before the next big hustle/bustle of life hits

Your calendar is looking particularly busy in the next few months; pencilling in a quick getaway with the girls could be the perfect way to decompress in the lead up. Take advantage of your downtime while you can, and organise a getaway with your gal pals ASAP. Chances are you’ll have to do a lot of date-choreographing before you find a time that suits all of you, but it will definitely be worth it when you’re all sipping champagne by the beach or scoffing brunch in a cute country cafe.

2. You are well overdue to catch up with old friends

Sex and The City. A mogul of televised brilliance, this series was a staple of many women’s TV schedules throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. The original series may have long wrapped, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a revisit! Rekindle your love for the TV’s four most beloved New York fashionistas by rallying your own girl gang and settling in for a SATC marathon. Make catching up with Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte your day’s only activity, or squeeze in a few episodes after exploring your getaway destination. Popcorn, chocolate, strawberries and cocktails strongly encouraged. Not into SATC? No problem! Pick another favourite show and get to binge-watching.

3. There’s always time to make some new friends

With girls’ getaways being such a popular style of holiday, chances are your squad won’t be the only girl gang out on the road. You’ll likely bump into other girl groups around the place, and this is your cue to strike up a convo and get chatting. Who knows where they’re from, but as long as you’re all enjoying a sip of wine and some beautiful summer rays, then you’ll have something to talk about! A girls’ getaway provides a comfortable buffer that makes it the perfect time to reach out for some new company! Who knows? You might even meet some friends to go on your next weekend away with.

4. Hugh Grant

This needs no explanation, but let us give you three anyway: Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral… and all of our teenage dreams. No matter who you have become or what stage of life you’re in, you likely had a Hugh Grant phase. Perhaps you wanted to marry him or become his best friend; either way Hugh once monopolised the hearts of young women the same way that Ryan Gosling does now, and this is deserves to be celebrated. A girls’ trip isn’t complete unless at least one Hugh Grant rom-com makes an appearance. Our personal favourite? A back-to-back viewing of the first two flicks in the Bridget Jones’ series. But if Hugh isn't the apple of your eye, swap him out for a more contemporary heart-throb. 

5. You can explore a part of the country that you’ve always wanted to see alongside a few of your favourite people

We all have dream destinations. By the time you actually get around to exploring them, you naturally want to share that experience with as many of those close to you as possible. With a squad of your besties, you won’t have to worry – they’ll be there to metaphorically hold your hand the whole time. Whether it be peeping into an intimidatingly beautiful homewares store or buying an elaborate cocktail at a rooftop bar you’ve seen on Instagram, your girls will be there to make sure you’re living in the moment and loving it.

6. It’s time to reconnect with the girls by fostering some new memories

It’s universally acknowledged that the best friendships are built on shared memories, but sometimes we’re so busy looking back on them that we forget to make new ones. Organising a girls’ getaway is an easy way to guarantee a serious helping of friend-time. The only interruptions are ones of your choosing – a pampering session at a day spa, or reservation at a fancy dinner. You can sit down for hours and gab away like old times, or maybe even get up to a bit of debauchery like you used to! Restock the memory bank with new experiences –
you’ve all earned it.

7. Do you really need a reason?

Answer: no, you definitely don't. Whether the last time you saw your besties was six weeks ago at a dinner party, or yesterday for your weekly morning walk – organise a few days to catch up and zoom off to the beautiful getaway you’ve been talking about for years. Treat yo’self!