The 7 types of traveller in every group getaway

Much like there are different styles of getaways, there are different types of travellers too. From those who love planning and organising to the ones that are all about soaking up the culture, every group has its own combination of personalities. So who can you expect to be joining you on your next escape? Here, we break down seven of the most common traveller types. 

The planner

Every group has a planner, whether they’re self-appointed or not. They're not only the person who comes up with the idea of going away in the first place, but they're also logistic handler, budget tracker and itinerary manager. They’ll often take care of destination ideas and accommodation options too. Enter spreadsheets, folders and email chains. Having a planner in your group is ideal for those who aren’t keen on wearing the chief organiser hat themselves. Think of it as having your own travel concierge. However, that doesn’t mean you should leave the planner to do all the heavy lifting. Point them in the direction of our Group Getaways guide to give them a helping hand in finding your next stay.

The walking GPS

No matter if you need a petrol station, visitor information centre or a toilet, this member of your group's got you covered. The walking GPS usually operates in one of two ways: they have an insanely good sense of direction, or they’re a whizz with Google Maps. Either way, having them as part of your crew will come in handy. They’ll remember that amazing café you discovered on your first day; they’ll know where to find the deserted beach you read about online; and if (or when) you do get lost, they’ll be able to lead you home.

The backseat driver

Everyone knows a backseat driver – this type of traveller isn’t exclusive to group getaways. You might know a backseat driver who even gives directions on the way to your local supermarket. Backseat drivers aren’t all bad though. Sometimes they’re in the know about shortcuts or more scenic driving routes, and if you've got a long drive they’re usually up for helping out behind the wheel.

The photographer

Never one to miss a photo op, the photographer of your entourage will always have their camera at the ready. It might be a quick snap of the cocktails you’re drinking at a cool bar, the meal you’re about to tuck into at a fancy restaurant or a landscape shot from your perch at the beach. Your photographer might be a dedicated shutterbug with fancy cameras, tripods and lenses, or someone of the more laid-back variety, who's happy with the camera on their smartphone and a couple of Instagram filters. Whichever way they operate, you’ll be treated to a collection of amazing happy snaps at the end of your trip.

The light packer

The light packer is your friend or relative who always insists they only need a small suitcase or carry-on bag – even if they're going on a six-week trek around Europe. How do they do it? They might roll their clothes instead of folding, or they might make excellent use of your accommodation’s laundry facilities. Beware though: the light packer of your troop could also be the under-packer. Odds are they’ve left something behind, which means there’ll be a shopping trip to pick it up – or they’ll need to borrow from someone else in the group. On the other end of the packing spectrum is the chronic over-packer, who brings along everything except the kitchen sink.

The culture vulture

Museums, galleries and markets: the culture vulture loves them all. They want to soak up as much as they can in any destination, whether that means waking up at the crack of dawn to watch the sun rise or travelling out of your way to visit an off-the-beaten-track festival. The culture vulture of your group will likely have the intel on cool and interesting places to visit, so tagging along on their expeditions can be well worth the effort.

The laid-back one

The laid-back traveller is simply along for the ride, and that makes them the perfect companion. Their fuss-free attitude means they’re happy to go with the flow and follow the pack. Up for anything, the laid-back traveller will be on-board for adventure and spontaneity as much as they will be for chilling at home and relaxing.

Your next step? Rounding up your crew and making tracks. Luckily, The BA Group Getaways guide has you covered. Expect stays perfect for intimate groups of four and pads that can cater for 20 plus.