Hammocks: Is There A Better Way to Relax?

Hammocks – these swinging daybeds are the definition of sweet, summer laziness. What could be better than kicking back in carefree, bohemian style? Doing so on a luxe getaway attached to boutique accommodation. Nothing beats that. These six escapes come with an awesome cocoon you’ll want to hangout in all day.

Big Blue Backyard, St Andrews Beach, VIC

This hammock hovers above the deck of a designer bed and breakfast, secluded by a forest of tea trees. Following the chef-cooked breakfast delivered each day or a romantic candlelit feast; this pod is the ideal spot for a post-meal siesta with your love. The best part? When you’re ready to roll out, you can follow the arrows through to the National Park, and wakeup with a swim at isolated St Andrews Beach.

Pumpkin Island, Pumpkin Island, QLD

There’s no better place to idle in a hammock than a private island. Pumpkin Island is an exclusive holiday atoll within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park that was made for beachside lazing. Enjoy the total seclusion of your sand-surrounded cocoon and get lost in the endless expanse of ocean reaching out to the horizon. This is a lounger so chill you’ll want to make it your bed permanently.

Boroka Downs, Halls Gap, VIC

In the vast plains of Halls Gap, surrounded by the rocky Grampians, this is a designer hammock big enough for two. Sunscreen-up, splay out on the huge, timber-supported rocker, and watch out for birds. If not much is happening in the pale blue skies, simply doze-off in the sun.

Boonooloo Beach House, Newell Beach, QLD

This hammock is within reaching distance of an infinity pool on the one side, and the bathwater warm waters of the Coral Sea on the other. Catch waves, rinse-off in the sparkling basin, and dry-out in the palm-shaded nest on the foreshore – cocktail in hand, watching the swells roll in.

Sejala Beach House and Sejala Beach Huts, Mission Beach, QLD

These seaside hammocks hang by the aquamarine waters of tropical Queensland’s Mission Beach. Wrap up in a Sejala beach sarong, and then cocoon yourself in the purple-fringed sling on the patio; soon enough you’ll be gently rocked to sleep by the ocean breeze, surrounded by the scent of frangipanis.

Whitsunday Moorings Bed and Breakfast, Airlie Beach, QLD

Airlie Beach is a town on the Whitsunday Coast where life actually is a beach. Whether you’re exhausted from a daylong boat trip spent between sunning yourself on the upper deck and splashing about in saltwater, or weary from dancing through the night with chilled-out locals and fellow travellers, this lofty nest strung above an incredibly blue marina is jumping distance to the pool and the perfect spot to recover.