5 Signs You Need a Getaway. Right. Now.

Posted by Megan Osborne on Friday, June 23, 2017

We all know the best time to plan a holiday is the minute you get back from your last one. But what happens if you’re in the sad sorry situation of not remembering when the last time was that you took more than a few hours to yourself to relax, let alone indulge in a weekend away, and a full-scale holiday is just a long, narrow, and leaky pipe dream?

Well you need to pull yourself out of it, that’s what! Regardless of what life throws at you, sometimes you just need a little ‘me’ time. Here’s a few signs that we reckon should justify your next trip!

1. You’re seriously lacking the natural benefits of Vitamin D and a lungful of fresh air.

Working  only 9-5 every day was a good theory, but unfortunately not so much a reality. You’re such a workaholic that when the phrase; “where should we eat lunch today?” gets bandied about the office, the first thing that pops into your head is “When was the last time I had lunch?”

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It’s been so long since you’ve seen the sun that people enquire after your health due to your pallor–and because you’ve been without a healthy dose of vitamin d for so darn long, you’re not quite sure on the answer.

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2. You’re Saving Money. Indefinitely.

Not travelling and instead using the excuse “saving up for a deposit”, whether it be a house, car, computer, expensive shoes… will only ring true until your friends and family spy you enjoying your avocado toast come Sunday brunch. Live a little. Have some adventures first, then buy whatever your heart desires (which may just be more vay-cays! The best gourmet breakfasts in Australia inclusive, duh!).

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3. You’re too Comfortable.

Whether you live in the city or country; you’re usually there for a reason. Maybe you’re a creature of habit whom likes comfort, which aren’t we all?

Work is chugging along, and it’s been awhile since you faced your last challenge (unless you count last night’s high-intensity gym session).  Does this mean it’s the calm before the storm? Abort! Holiday when you can! Get out of that rut. Comfort is nice and fluffy, but travel will grow you, change you and challenge you in all the best ways. However, if comfort really is what you seek, we wouldn’t blame you for indulging in a cosy winter getaway or spa retreat.

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4. You just came back from a holiday.

The most obvious sign of all! Don’t let your memories of a sundrenched, white-sand beach disappear to faded pictures saved on your computer that you never, ever look at. Don’t let your last wine region escape be to the artisan section of the bottle shop, or your last foodie adventure deciding between stale chorizo or flaky prosciutto at the supermarket deli. You deserve better.  

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5. You’ve been inspired by Beautiful Accommodation‘s selection of boutique stays and have been whipped into a booking frenzy.

We don’t blame you; they’re a pretty glam bunch. Have a wander and a wonder through our collection. Picture your next romantic, gourmet, beach, or even back-to-nature getaway. Regardless of the theme, you’ll be feeling pretty chuffed with yourself once your travel plans are set. Bon voyage!

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