5 Features that Make for a Cosy Winter Getaway

Posted by Megan Osborne on Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Winter is coming—or maybe it’s just a bit brisk outside—and there’s nothing better than squirrelling away in the comfort of a boutique hideaway. Cue fluffy socks, toasty toes and a piping hot cuppa. Here are our top picks for property features that help stave away the chills.


5 cosy features for winter getaway

Image: Misty Woods Retreat, VIC

What good is a winter getaway without a flaming fireplace? Sure, less charming and visually appealing heating options are great, but is there really a better way to toast your toes than in front of a merrily crackling hearth? The correct answer is no, there isn’t.

When it comes to creature comforts, it’s hard to beat your very own amber light display, with a pleasant smoke-infused aroma to evoke memories of childhood and comfort.

Maybe you and your special someone are enjoying a romantic rendezvous, and plan to escape the wintery wonderland of the outside world. A gently blazing fire will be just the thing to complement the wine you’ve just cracked open, and may we add how perfect ones’ complexion looks in firelight?

Luxurious Furnishings

5 cosy features for winter getaway

Image: Alchemy House, VIC

From faux fur throws to Turkish rugs, a plushly decorated interior goes a long way to creating an atmosphere of sumptuous comfort. Warm colours, textures and high quality design and craftsmanship make guests feel relaxed and at home.

While appearance, fabric and a solid heart-warming colour scheme are essential, couches and beds need to be selected with utmost snugness in mind. No one wants to sit on a couch that reminds them of a chapel bench, or cover up with a loosely knitted throw rug that lets in the winter chill.

While opulence is not necessary, substance is. So look for throws that are warm and fluffy, and may we add, freshly laundered. Plush bathrobes for extra points.

Rugged Landscape View

5 cosy features for winter getaway

Image: Ocean Retreat, TAS

There’s nothing quite like a clear view of what’s basically a blizzard outside to make you feel warm and secure inside your luxury accommodation. Because really, if you can’t see the bone-freezing wind, or the rain sleeting down in waves, is it even really cold outside?

Mountainous views are always a plus, because then you get the added benefit of a truly magical winter white landscape, but any view will do, so long as you can see the misery of the elements that you’re comfortably avoiding.

Another benefit of a stellar view is you really don’t need a television, the entertainment and smugness of knowing that nothing will make you step outside is quite satisfying enough.

Snow Outside

5 cosy features for winter getaway

Image: Frenchman’s River, TAS

Is there anything that screams stereotypical winter more than snow? Well, no, but on the spectrum of weather events, it’s a rather wonderful one, as long as you’re rugged up.

In fact, being rugged up and stashed away inside your boutique accommodation gives you the perfect excuse to be mesmerised by drifting snowflakes, without any sort of risk of actually being soaked by the delicate things.

Mountain regions such as Falls Creek, Mount Buller, Mount Hotham, Perisher, Thredbo and more are great for family getaways to the snow, and can be enjoyed by skiers, snowboarders and tobogganers alike.

Spa baths

5 cosy features for winter getaway

Image: Kuca Stone, VIC

Ah, last but certainly not least. Who doesn’t love a good spa bath? Be it a hot tub or a deep soak, in an open-plan bedroom set up or on a deck outside. There’s one thing spa baths are darn great at; warming you down to the tips of your toes (none of this cramped short-person bath business).

They really should be renamed spahhh baths, because there simply isn’t a more perfect way to relax. Pour yourself a glass of your favourite poison and let the cold—and all the rest of your troubles—just soak away. See our collection of the best spa bath properties on Beautiful Accommodation here.