Winter escapes in Daylesford

When you're looking for a cool getaway out of Melbourne, Daylesford is the answer

A winter escape in Daylesford makes one think in twos: frosty morning walks followed by steamy hot chocolates; regional wines coupled with seasonal produce; an open fire and a good book; or a massage and then a soak at one of the town’s relaxing spa retreats. Winter brings with it a host of different things to do in Daylesford, so allow us to show you just a few examples of where to stay and what to do.

If your winter escape is going to be a romantic one, then you cannot pass up staying at the stunning Interlude. Bring back a bottle from the nearby Passing Clouds vineyard, some local produce from Cliffy’s Emporium and gaze away at the sun setting beneath the canopy of trees outside.  For those couples looking for that cozy vibe, Circa Ruby Mint is a fantastically stylish option right in the center of Daylesford. With Danish-inspired leather couches, this is a book-and-open-fire type situation.

Staying at the spacious and beautiful Hill House will leave you tempted to just soak in the spa bath there, but if you want real pampering then enjoy the treatment at the lakeside Salus Spa.  Surrounded by lush greenery, the individual treatment rooms at Salus look onto the lake and could not fail to calm even the most restless of minds.  Cross over to the other side of the lake and soak on one of the spa couches or in the relaxation pool at the Hepburn Bathhouse

Just a few minutes walk from the lake and the center of town, Millar is the perfect (and spacious) place to collapse after feasting at either the fine-dining restaurant Sault or the more relaxed Farmers Arms pub. Surrounded by trees and with spacious and modern rooms throughout, Millar is a fantastic contemporary option for couples or families to call home. 

For groups, Aroona is a perfect examples of why Daylesford is such a popular destination in Victoria. Modern stylings and comforts are melded seamlessly with that classic Daylesford aesthetic in both these homes as they leave no stone unturned to make your escape simply that: an escape.   

If all these beautiful homes have just left you wanting more and you feel like some inspiration, head to our regional collection of Daylesford accommodation listings.