Cheap Chic Boutique & Budget Accommodation

Cheap Chic Boutique & Budget Accommodation

The team at Beautiful Accommodation have created a collection of the most luxurious budget accommodation options for you to enjoy that won't break the bank. Scattered all around Australia, each one is more beautiful than the next.

We've found the best budget boutique hotels, cheap chic châteaus and low-cost luxury lodges that have all the trimmings of the fancy five-star manors, minus the hefty price tag. After browsing through the list, we're sure you will agree that each place is as easy on the eyes as it is on your wallet. Search through our collection of low-cost luxury stays and find your next holiday haven.

Indulge in boutique bliss in Spa Country, Victoria and experience first-hand the wonders of the ancient skill of stone healing, or indulge in day-long pampering sessions – without breaking your budget. Featuring free-standing baths, stained-glass windows and deluxe ensuites, the most surprising thing won't be the breathtakingly beautiful views of the majestic mountains from your private balcony, or the sumptuous in-house meals you can enjoy from your three-storey house... the most surprising thing will be the small total on the bill.  With so many beautifully cheap properties to choose from in Daylesford, which one will be your favourite?

Or if an ocean front oasis is more your style, hop over to the Fairhaven and enjoy beautifully cheap accommodation along the coast; and with the seaside towns of Anglesea and Lorne just a stones throwaway, there is plenty to keep you entertained on your trip. Romantics and beach lovers alike will love Hamilton Island. With spectacular rooms at budget prices, this spot truly is seventh heaven.

Our collection of beautiful budget accommodation properties is the perfect place to experience luxe for less.