Beach Hotels, Coastal Accommodation & Getaways

Beach Hotels, Coastal Accommodation & Getaways

Discover Beach Hotels in Australia

Our collection of beach breaks is full of beautiful holiday houses, coastal cottages and va-va-voom villas that will please every beach bum. So if your idea of the perfect holiday is catching a break as you take on massive waves, floating away on a banana lounge in the shallow turquoise waters of a luxurious island retreat, or if you long to laze on the shore from sun up to sun down, this handpicked collection of coastal accommodation will tick all the boxes of your beach holiday checklist.

Picture yourself spread out on the endless stretch of golden sand as you watch big blue waves crash gently on the shores of Bedarra Island in Cairns; with an icy cold drink in one hand and your favourite novel in the other, this holiday haven will make all your worries wash away with the tide.

Give in to temptation and splash out on a bay side penthouse overlooking beautiful Hervey Bay. Surround yourself with crystal clear water and white sand and experience total relaxation as the afternoon sun kisses your skin and the cool breeze blows gently through your salt-sprayed hair. If you want to be closer to all the action, take a short drive to the Sunshine Coast and find beautiful hotels and holiday houses as far as the eye can see.

Take the scenic route and follow the curve of the road along the stunning South Coast of NSW. Stay a few nights before continuing your journey to Victoria where you will be met by coastal castles on the beach and hideaway havens along the Great Ocean Road in the seaside town of Apollo Bay.

No matter which path you take or which seashore sanctuary you choose to call your home away from home for the duration of your stay, the beach is never too far away...