Romantic Getaways in Victoria

Escape for a Passionate Weekend Away with Your Significant Other

Thinking of whisking your partner off for a romantic weekend away? A few days’ escape from the norm may be a staple in your couples’ holiday calendar, or perhaps you’re looking to celebrate an anniversary or special occasion? You might even be so wrapped up in your love bubble that a romantic getaway - where days are whiled away staring into each others’ eyes and whispering sweet nothings - sounds like your idea of seventh heaven. Just add a spa bath and some bubbles.

When the idea of a couples’ retreat in Victoria strikes, you don’t need to spin a bottle to find the perfect destination. Our collection of romantic getaways is filled with weekend breaks across the state. Expect secluded cottages, romantic hotels, stays for anniversary trips and spontaneous escapes for when you want to sweep your significant other off of their feet. Hide away in a chalet in High Country, explore quiet back beaches on the Great Ocean Road, book in for a pampering couples’ treatment in Daylesford, or indulge with a slew of romantic dinners on the Mornington Peninsula.

Take a peek through some of our most romantic getaways in Victoria below.

Why go on a romantic getaway?

In case you or your partner need more convincing to take off on a romantic weekend in Victoria, there are any number of reasons for you to book a romantic getaway. Aside from the obvious excitement and break from the regular to-and-fro of everyday life, a couples’ weekend is perfect for signing off and spending some quality time with one of the most important people in your life.

Take some time

When else in your busy schedule do you have the opportunity to laze about with your partner for hours on end? And when do you get to boast that your only worry is where to go for breakfast, as opposed to having to stress about your next deadline or getting up extra early to make it to a 6am spin class?

Celebrate a milestone

The time may have come to celebrate an occasion - and nothing says celebration quite like a couples' weekend escape with your amour. No matter if you're commemorating an anniversary, a birthday, or even the kids going away on camp; you've earned some time away! In fact, you may be so looking forward to heading away that you start the planning process as soon as the opportunity presents itself - whether that is with a couple of months' notice, or one year in advance! 

Be spontaneous

There's a lot to be said for an impromptu romantic trip. Too much planning may not be your style, and a sense of recklessness may enhance the excitement of your weekend away. Book your romantic accommodation a week in advance, pack the essentials, and jump in the car – you can even buy a new outfit on the way! Flying by the seat of your pants can be exciting and adds a whirlwind touch. What better way to set the tone for a couples' adventure?

Where should two love birds go?

Victoria provides an array of vastly different regions that all offer fodder for loved-up travellers to explore, from beachside getaways to country towns and wine destination hotspots.

The perfect match

First up; the perfect couples' accommodation for you all comes down to your style as a pair. Do you want a place that puts you within easy access of active pursuits and the great outdoors? Perhaps you would rather something by the beach, within walking distance of quiet coastline and pristine stretches of sand. Whatever your style, the question of seclusion will come up - and answering this question could well be your first step in booking your romantic getaway. Staying in a busy area and being conveniently close to main towns or shopping areas is a great perk for couples that love being out-and-about when they travel. However, a more private setting or property could be just what you need to guarantee your complete focus is on your significant other. Perhaps something in between is ideal, where your getaway is a secluded slice of paradise, yet romantic dinners or trips to the nearest beach or winery are only a short drive away – meaning the drive home is also minimal; once you've wined and dined yourself into a romantic mood.

Coastal courtship

For a beachside vibe, look no further than the Mornington Peninsula. The Peninsula’s arsenal of wineries and restaurants, plus its boasting rights to having the Peninsula Hot Springs, will inspire the romantic explorer in you. For those that want to step off the beaten track, the Peninsula also has a more secluded south-east coastline; the Shoreham and Flinders areas have country town vibes and are only a 15-minute drive from popular locations such as Sorrento and Portsea. On the other side of Port Phillip Bay is the Great Ocean Road, one of the most iconic drives in Victoria (and dare we say it, Australia). The Great Ocean Road is dotted with buzzing beach towns, romantic accommodation options and plenty of activities to keep all couples occupied.

Spa seduction

A winter romantic expedition is made when heading to Daylesford and the Macedon Ranges. If cuddling up beside the fire is your intention on your weekend away, look no further than booking a stay on the outskirts of Daylesford’s town centre. You might also look at accommodation in nearby Hepburn Springs, Kyneton or Trentham. These towns, plus Daylesford, make up Victoria's spa country and a weekend at the destination of your choice is sure to deliver a quiet, secluded, and cosy couples' getaway. Indulge with pampering spa treatments, make reservations at lauded restaurants and take hand-in-hand walks around Lake Daylesford and neighbouring parks. The Macedon Ranges can be reached with a two-hour drive from Melbourne, however if you're looking for a romantic destination closer to city, Yarra Valley and the Dandenongs make for a nearer, yet no less beautiful, alternative; filled with gourmet dining and winery adventures.

Foodie fling

Victoria's High Country is another destination that makes for a pretty-as-a-picture couples' weekend away. This region shines all year round with breathtaking views, excellent restaurants and plenty of wineries to visit. Snow bunnies and their partners will love a winter escape to the mountains, spending days carving up a storm on the slopes before retreating to a luxury cabin or cottage to cuddle up beside a crackling fire place and enjoy a glass of red wine. In summer, the High Country comes alive with a calendar of adrenaline sports and cycling tournaments, and booking a loved-up weekend trip to a villa or resort is your chance to experience the area’s goings-on. You can also sample the region’s top produce by exploring restaurants, local farmers markets and even roadside stalls.

Get hitched in history

The Victorian Goldfields provide a base for a busy and exciting romantic getaway. This region, which includes Ballarat, Bendigo, Castlemaine and Maldon, is a historical goldmine and provides countless accommodation options and activities to choose from. Discover Ballarat's rich history, head to Castlemaine to check-out its burgeoning arts and culture scene, or wander the streets of Maldon to admire the town's heritage architecture. A romantic escape to the Goldfields would be ideal for couples' that love browsing museums, moseying through exhibitions and pairing their love for each other with their passion for history.

What romantic accommodation should you book for a couples' weekend away?

You know where you want to go on your couples' escape, and now the next question is; what sort of accommodation do you book? Are you looking for somewhere cosy and snug to foster cuddles, or a roomy stay with space to really settle in and make yourselves at home? Would you like a getaway with beautiful views from the master bedroom, from the freestanding bathtub or from a balcony? Will you need a kitchen, or do you plan to dine out? Luckily, those planning a romantic getaway in Victoria have an abundance of accommodation options to choose from. 

Beach bliss

Hole up in a beachy-chic shack to be lost in a weekend of sweet nothings, early morning canoodling and barefoot walks along the sand. Booking a one-bedroom stay will keep the atmosphere intimate and mean there is nothing to distract you from your one true love.

Cosy cottages

Of course, traditional farmhouses and cottages are commonly idealised as perfect escapes for couple’s retreats. This is true: the quaint beauty of these properties is a great choice for a romantic getaway. Stereotypically, the more traditional properties tend to be small, and hence cosy. For a winter getaway, these properties really deliver – fireside evenings and brisk mornings spent in the warmth of bed? Yes please!

The best of both

But why should you have to choose? There are countless Victorian properties available that fit neither the modernist nor traditional label. In typical Australian fashion, many of them are hybrids that mesh together what works with the old and what is currently working with the new. Visualise traditional farmhouses with freestanding bathtubs for two, and a big old plasma screen to foster your rom-com addiction while snuggling up on the couch and enjoying a Malteaser-popcorn combo.

What should you pack on a romantic weekend getaway?

Enchanting essentials

Though this may seem rudimentary, the most obvious items are what can often be left behind: bathers for a beach getaway, a warm jacket if it’s winter, and a wide-brimmed hat for summer escapes. It’s an easy thing to do and there are some things that just slip your mind in the last-minute packing dash. Don't forget a bottle of your favourite wine. Or you might make room for those bottles you’re planning to pick up when visiting wineries – especially if you have your eye on a couples’ weekend in the Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula or King Valley. 

Melodic mood

Don’t neglect the tunes for your escape either. Prepare a special playlist, filled with some of your favourite romantic ballads, to be used in the car in between restaurant visits and activity excursions. Having a playlist handy to pop on in the background at your accommodation is also a great move - and will help you show off yours. Most importantly, pack the camera – or an extra charger for your smartphone! You’ll want to remember all of the great memories from your loved-up time away.

What activities should make the itinerary on your couples' retreat?

Plan ahead

You and your partner might be the types that prefer all trips, including a couples’ escape, to be planned to perfection. With that in mind, start planning an itinerary early so as to maximise efficiency, and to hone in on the best cafes for brunch, the best cocktail bars for sundowners and the best lookout platforms for admiring sunsets. Keep an eye on dates too, as regional Victoria is well known for its packed events calendar and timing your couples’ retreat around festivals and celebrations is an easy way to discover even more of your destination. Wine tastings, chef’s selection dining experiences and farmers markets are all available if you just know where to find them – if you’ve done your research, you will! Check out our article on 25 Date Ideas to get the ideas flowing.

Plan for anything

On the other hand, you may have be tempted to just settle in for a long haul of doing next-to-nothing. The art of vacationing without activities to fill your days is under-appreciated, and when you’re eyeing off a romantic getaway the best way to plan may be not to plan at all. Once you arrive, see what you and your loved one feel like doing. Venture out for a drive if you’re feeling peckish, or go for a long walk through the area if you and your partner begin to feel a little stir crazy. Days spent by the beach, in the pool, or rugged up on the couch are not wasted as long as you’re doing it with the one you love.

So what are you waiting for? Explore our selection of Victorian romantic getaways on this page, or head back to our romantic getaways page for Australia-wide inspiration.