Quirky and Unique Accommodation

Find Quirky and Cool Stays for Your Next Getaway

When you want to break the mould for your upcoming weekend away, mini break or week-long escape, nothing is guaranteed to change up your getaway game more than booking quirky or cool accommodation. There are many ways which a stay can earn the label of being 'cool' or 'unique'. It could be a surprising location, unlike any other getaway you have experienced before. Or, it might be the building itself; perhaps it isn't your normal house or cottage, and instead lives in a build with an interesting history, or it has been constructed from unlikely materials. A getaway's interior and styling can also be enough to place it within the quirky category. 

So in celebration of all things quirky and cool, we rounded up a selection of the most unique stays in the Beautiful Accommodation collection. From revamped chrome trailers perched of city rooftops, to unusually-shaped retreats and interiors you definitely haven't seen before; the getaways in this group are anything but humdrum.