Stays and Accommodation for Group Getaways

Find Houses and Accommodation Perfect for Your Next Group Getaway

Round up your friends! It's time for a group getaway. Travelling with a bunch of your best friends, whether it is a yearly tradition or a spontaneous weekend away, is a great excuse for spending quality time with some of your favourite people. Group travel is exciting for many reasons, not least because it gives you a chance to take some time out and potentially discover a new destination. 

As with romantic trips and family holidays, group getaways come in all styles, shapes and sizes. You might prefer to keep your group small and tight-knit, with just your best friends or closest chums. Or, you might throw yourself into the deep end of group getaway and propose a weekend away with upwards of eight, 10 or even 12 others. Other than logistics and contending with a mixed bag of personalities, one of the most important parts about organising a group getaway is getting your accommodation right. It often isn't enough to have just a bed for everybody; it's good to find a stay that has space for everyone to spread out, but also that offers shared or communal areas for dining, relaxing and gathering. 

On that note, this Group Getaways Collection shines a spotlight on stays that are made for group travel. All of the retreats featured have more than three bedrooms (most have four or more) and are standalone lodges, houses or villas. While some resorts and hotels are great for group travel, those options have not been included in this Collection. 

Group Getaways and Accommodation in Victoria