Inspiration for Girls' Weekend Away

Find your next girls' weekend getaway with these luxury stays across Australia.

Find Boutique Accommodation for Your Next Girls' Trip and Girls' Weekend Away

For many, a girls’ getaway is a must-have fixture on any travel schedule. Nothing quite beats the excitement of rounding up a group of your best friends and hitting the road (or boarding a plane), bound for a luxurious pad and a couple of days of solid girl time.

One of the best things about any girls’ getaway is how flexible it is. There are no rules about where you go, when you travel, what accommodation you book or how many of your girlfriends tag along. You might get together with your best friends for a weekend of pampering on the Mornington Peninsula, or you might reunite with some old chums from high school in a large luxury house in Margaret River or Byron Bay. Perhaps you might even do the unexpected, booking a string of glamping tents for a girls’ weekend away that really impresses.

But where to find your next girls’ trip? Right. Here. This collection of boutique stays, from glamorous beach houses to country retreats, are almost as a natural fit for any girls’ getaway as a Sex and the City marathon. So send the group text, pick a date and book your next escape with the girls.