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A world-class city that has both style and substance in spades.

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See Sydney like a local, stay in beautiful boutique accommodation

Is there any city with a broader appeal and more luxury and boutique accommodation than Sydney? Whatever your holiday style, there’s a sweet spot for you in sunny Sydney. The world’s most beautiful harbour is split into dozens of points, islands, beaches and headlands. Each has its own distinctive history and vibe, ranging from the elegant terraces of Glebe to iconic beaches such as Bondi, Coogee and Manly, and historic Cockatoo Island. Get out and explore.

Sydney has its internationally recognised landmarks that include the majestic Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. When these icons appear in your holiday snaps, your friends and family instantly know where you’ve been. However, Sydney has a far deeper appeal than these monuments of steel and stone.

Of course, Sydneysiders love their city’s glamorous looks. But their real passion is for the sensual experiences it offers: the taste of fresh sushi at the Sydney Fish Market, the fragrant smell of cafes and restaurants in Glebe or the rolling swell as the Manly Ferry crosses the harbour heads. Nowhere quickens their senses more than Sydney’s grand beaches – Bondi, Coogee, Manly and a dozen others. They offer a potent mixture of surf, sand, salt, suntan lotion, hot chips and a soundscape of cries from happy gulls and children. Childhood memories are made on these sands.

Coogee is Bondi’s beguiling and more relaxed cousin. As you drive into Coogee, it feels as though you are leaving the jostle of Sydney far behind. Coogee has a 19th century ambience with its magnificent sea baths such as Wylie’s (1907) and the women-only McIver’s Baths (1886), perfect for a romantic getaway. The surf at Coogee is softened by Wedding Cake Island, making it ideal for kids. 

Circular Quay is the doorstep to Sydney’s CBD. Turn right when you leave the wharf and follow the waterline around to Sydney’s oldest urban precinct, The Rocks. The Museum of Contemporary Art has an astonishing collection and its outdoor cafe is a fine spot for a coffee and people watching. Turn left as you depart the Manly Ferry and you can’t miss one of the world’s most recognised buildings, the Sydney Opera House. Ideally, you will book in for a performance in the stunning interior. But the building’s steps and foreshore cafes are splendid places to sit in the sun and take in the glorious view.

From boutique hotels to luxury stays, there’s perfect Sydney accommodation for every escape. Discover our handpicked collection today or check out our NSW accommodation.