An Insider's Guide to Southern Tasmania

An Insider's Guide to Southern Tasmania

When it comes to travel tips on a destination, nobody knows their own backyard better than a local.

So you’ve booked a holiday, and you’re seeking exclusive tips on what to do when you arrive. There’s no better way to find out than by speaking to a local, and you’re sure to gain insights you would have never found on your own. Here, we speak with Dover local Rachael, and uncover the many glories of Southern Tasmania.

Beautiful Accommodation Insider's Guide to the Barossa

Meet the Insider

Rachael knows Southern Tasmania like no other. After longing for a sea change, she decided to move to the southern most area of Australia where she has lived for almost 13 years now. For work, she looks after a small accommodation business that showcases a portfolio of luxurious accommodation locations in Tasmania’s far south. The Peninsula Experience is their star property and Rachael explains “we feel justifiably proud to feature it in our collection, as a prime example of what luxury mixed with wilderness looks like.”

Where to See and Do

There’s no denying that Southern Tasmania is known for its wondrous melange of wilderness, waterways, relaxation and tranquillity. Although the area hosts the iconic Hobart, where galleries and cafes meet in an exhilarating affair, there’s plenty more to explore in Tasmania’s southern most state. “Relaxation, peace and tranquillity are what it is all about” says Rachael, as she shares her exclusive tips to the area: “A day trip to Cockle Creek is a must for any itinerary in the region, and a good hour’s drive south of Dover brings you to the historic whaling settlement” she explains. While you’re here enjoying Rachael's suggestions, take a stroll along Recherche Bay beach, which shares the pure bliss of the area. Continue along to Fishers Point Navigation Light and Pilot Station ruins, and find the track to South East Cape. Stunning cliff-top views of the southern ocean, and Maatsuyker Island can be viewed here.

Rachael continues to share “If you are keen for a bit of a hike, head to the Southern most accessible point in the nation. South Cape Bay is also spectacular no matter the weather; wild and woolly, or sunny and inviting, it is sure to take your breath away.” And if you’re longing for a spot to drink coffee, eat snacks, and take some some time to slow down, head to the small fishing settlement of Southport, located between Dover and Cockle Creek where you’ll find beachside shacks and the quirky rocket that offers coffee and snacks – it’s a great spot to catch up with friends and enjoy conversation. When considering the best time to visit Southern Tasmania, Rachael says “There is no best time to visit Tassie’s far south, but my personal favourite is autumn. What’s not to love about the warm days, the settled weather, and the bright blue skies that feature in the autumn months?”

Where to Stay in Luxury

When it comes to choosing accommodation, there are many options on offer. There are hotel rentals and entire homes available on the Beautiful Accomodation website right here, motels to drive into on many roads, and of course inspiring camping spots where the land is all you’ll need. However, if you’re looking for something completely spectacular that will complement your trip with five-star luxurious, The Peninsula Experience is for you. The establishment boasts two stunning accommodation options: the charming Cape House with panoramic views, and the exquisite Boat House built for two.

Rachael shares how guests can experience The Peninsula Experience and its surrounds by morning, noon, and into the evenings. At dawn, “catch one of our vivid sunrises, and maybe take a stroll to catch a glimpse of the resident platypus in the picturesque dam. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast, then take your time to explore the intricate walking track that winds its way through the forested,” she suggests. Moving into lunchtime, there’s an array of relaxing and exhilarating options on offer. If you’re opting for relaxation, Rachel suggests to “Take a relaxed picnic, or venture into the sleepy village of Dover for a famous scallop pie, or some locally made goodies. Check out the activities on the wharf, and if you strike it lucky, you might pick up a crayfish straight from the source.”

If excitement is what you’re after, Rachael suggests to “Spend a few hours cruising on the newest venture associated with the peninsula – peninsular cruising. The three-hour lunch cruise offers a fascinating insight into the local salmon industry, and showcases the spectacular scenery on the waters as you enjoy the bountiful sea life, and birdlife to be seen.” The famed Bruny Island is also close by, and the sheltered bays offer a pristine spot for a gourmet salmon lunch. When night arrives, venture out with a torch, and you’re sure to see an array of furry creatures – Tasmanian devils are hard to spot, but if you’re lucky, you may just find one.

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