Sustainable Travel Tips From Eco-Escapes to Glamping

Travelling sustainably doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort. If you're on the hunt for accommodation that shows the same respect to the environment that you do, then look no further. We have put together a list of tips for sustainable travel and eco-friendly luxury accommodation to help you reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy a glorious green getaway. 

Travel locally 

You can be surprised at how much there is to do and see within hours of your house. 

But, if you plan a green getaway that is a little further away, take the train or bus to get around your destination of choice. Keep in mind some airlines offer carbon offsets so do a little research to put your mind at ease when you take off. 

Queensland’s Pumpkin Island, with five stylish cottages fuelled by sustainable wind and solar power, captures all the majesty and magnificence of Maui or the Mediterranean.

For the ultimate environmentally friendly option, take a stroll along the secluded crystalline beaches, soaking in the picturesque location. If walking isn’t a viable option for your next eco escape, hire a Hybrid car and explore. 

Stay at eco-friendly places 

You can make a difference to your energy consumption simply by turning down the heating or cooling by one degree. Even better though, why not put your feet up and relax at an environmentally friendly accommodation. 

The Chocolate Lily is a prime example of a sustainable self-sufficient solar home that is also an exquisite place to stay, complete with a solar-heated eight-metre pool and pleasing views of the stunning countryside. 

Buy locally grown food 

Become a Locavore and indulge in the local cuisine; from farmers markets to food grown on the property itself. Not only is home grown produce more environmentally friendly but also much more nutritious and tasty. Barney Creek Vineyard Cottages has one of the most impressive organic vegetable gardens that are complimented perfectly with the property’s organically fertilised wines. 

The owners of Barney’s Creek have worked hard to make this a sustainable and low carbon emission property, with the green theme continuing to the organic veggie garden that guests are welcome to forage through the patch like an edible library. 

Give Glamping a go 

Glamping is a unique luxury camping experience enabling you to enjoy the freedom of space and proximity to nature without sacrificing creature comforts. 

The Great Ocean Road’s Pebble Point Accommodation offers this unique boutique camping. You’ll be guilt free knowing the environment is barely impacted thanks to the retreat’s light footprint on reclaimed farmland and use of sustainable materials. 

The little things 

Reduce your impact on the environment by bringing your own full-sized toiletries to save thousands of bags of waste each year from the production of miniature soaps and shampoos. Or, be willing to reduce your laundry load by requesting to use your sheets and towels for more than one day at a time.