25 Date Ideas for Your Next Romantic Getaway

Romantic date ideas these days are so pedestrian. The idea of dinner and a movie is great and all, don’t get us wrong—choc tops and popcorn have a great way of winning hearts—but in 2019 we figured surely someone, somewhere has come up with some more original date ideas.

Besides, while some may love fine dining and luxury gourmet getaways, others may prefer wildlife walks and campfire cookouts. So we decided to curate a list of 25 date ideas that are perfect for different types of couples – be it adventurous amours, culture vultures, or old-school sweethearts. 

Which romancer are you? You might be one, or you might be a lover of all. Considering that opposites attract, we wouldn’t blame you for picking something from each category when planning your next romantic escape!

See our collection of some steamy couples’ weekend stays here, once you’re done setting the mood.


1. Visit a Regional Art Gallery

While city galleries usually have phenomenal curated collections that are the envy of art aficionados the world over, regional art galleries can surprise you and your creative companion. Try the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery, or the Newcastle Art Gallery, both of which will host the Archibald Prize tour. Check out local museums for an insight into a town’s history, too.

2. Take a Pottery or Art Class

While you’re busy singing the Righteous Brothers in your head and picturing Patrick Swayze shirtless, stepping outside your skill set by doing something like a pottery class with your significant other can be both humbling and adorable—besides, you can think of even more creative ways to wash the dried clay off each other later.

pottery date ideas

3. Belt the Tunes at a Karaoke Bar

You may or may not have a set of pipes on you, but whether you’re a siren or a car alarm, having a good chuckle and finding favourite artists in common can be great for a gag—especially when you know all the words to your favourite rap solo.

4. Boogie at a Music Festival

If you’re after music of the more professional variety, why not head to a festival or concert together? Even better if it’s out of town, because road trip games and snacks are the perfect way to spend time with your partner in crime. Perhaps the one-day Groovin' the Moo will have you heading to Bendigo, or Splendour in the Grass will send you to sunny Byron

5. Curate a Bucket List Together

It doesn’t have to be things you need to do before you die, it could simply be things you’re dying to try! By putting each of your top experiences on a list together, you’ll be tempted to try them all as a couple, and more likely to follow through (and conveniently you’ll also have numerous birthday present ideas on paper for future reference).

6. Knock Back Popcorn at a Film Festival

Whether you’re reading the subtitles of a foreign film, or your date’s body language; you’re bound to be entertained. If it’s outdoors, make sure to only bring one blanket in order to maximise cuddling opportunities. Our top picks are Flickerfest in Bondi or the grizzly Monster Fest in Melbourne.


7. Romance with the Rumba, or Get Loved Up with Latin

You don’t have to be fancy on your feet to wrap your arms around the waist of the one you love. If you’re more advanced than your partner, you can guide them into feeling more confident with their moves. If you’re the lesser coordinated of the two, at least you’ll be able to check out your companion’s smooth moves. 

8. Ride a Bike

No, that’s not a euphemism. We literally mean, get on bicycles and roam the countryside. Explore the winery trails of the Barossa at a leisurely—albeit perhaps, slightly wonky after a few glasses—pace, or amp up the adrenaline and hit the Great Ocean Road with your lycra. Hey, don’t knock the lycra. We’re assuming you’re already physically attracted to your plus one, so seeing them in slinky skin-tight fabric is always going to be a positive.

9. Dive Right In

We’re talking about scuba diving. In the ocean. But seriously, scuba diving can be a real eye opener to another world of colourful and exotic sea life. Journey to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland to see Australia’s jaw-dropping coral formations. Don’t worry, snorkelling works just as well. Plus, you can hold hands while you swim!

snorkeling date ideas

10. Practice Downward Facing Dog

Yoga classes are known for being relaxing and invigorating. Stretch out those sore muscles, and feel free to check out your other half’s Gluteus Maximus as they practice a few choice yogi moves. 

11. Go Hiking and Enjoy Views for Days

Tie on those boots, (or sneakers if you’re not serious) and work up a sweat. A great place for walks with a view is the Dandenongs in Victoria. Regardless of where you decide to conquer with your leg muscles, make sure you choose a spot that has a fantastic vista to rest at. Even if the view you prefer is right next to you.

12. Make a Splash at a Water Park

Who doesn’t love a waterslide? No, they’re not just for kids. The best rides have height restrictions, clear proof that they’re basically designed for adults. Why not check out another theme park after you’ve dunked each other at a water park? We recommend hitting the rides at the Gold Coast for plenty more theme-park fun.


13. Learn a New Cuisine 

Cooking classes are the perfect way to spice things up both in the kitchen and in your relationship. Find a cuisine that neither of you know how to cook, and add some great new recipes and skills to your repertoire!

14. Fill Your Basket at a Farmers Market 

As all gourmands will know, there are few things as exciting as food. Shopping with your charming bag-and-hand-holder is even more thrilling when seasonal produce comes into play. Hey, you may even be able to put into action some of those great new recipes you learnt at your cooking class. Check out our list of Australia’s Best Farmers Markets for inspiration.

Australia's best farmers markets
Image: Margaret River Farmers Market

15. Get Cheesy While you Drink Vino

Cheese and wine; a match made in heaven, just like you guys. Partake in a wine tasting, and graze over a cheeseboard as you gaze over the vineyards. Cheers to these great cellar door stays.

16. Explore the Regional Fine Dining Scene

Eating out just got an upgrade. No longer does country dining mean the local pub or pseudo-European cuisine. (Sauce from a jar in a restaurant, does not an Italian pasta make). Australia’s regional destinations now compete with cities in the gourmet steaks (medium-rare), and when you’ve already made the journey, why wouldn’t you stay for a bite to eat? Here’s our guide to Australia’s Best Food and Wine Regions, perfect for a romantic gourmet getaway.

17. Make a Picnic on the Floor

Now that you’ve got the cooking skills, you’ve stocked up at the Farmer’s Market, and you’ve bought cheese and wine for days, it’s time to indulge. Cook yourself up a meal at your getaway accommodation, and enjoy feeding each other bit-size morsels of devilishly gouda produce.


18. Stick Your Nose Into a Bookstore

Where to start, the cooking section or to the travel books for your next getaway inspiration? Maybe you’ll head to the romance section, or the DIY books (How to fall in love 101?).

19. Visit an Animal Sanctuary

Definitely one up from zoos, animal sanctuaries are all the rage these days (without the cage). Check out the dingo sanctuary on the way to Daylesford from Melbourne, or even visit the famous pig at Edgar’s Mission in Lancefield near Heathcote.

20. Relax with a Spa Treatment

Couples massages were invented for a reason. There’s nothing better than surrendering yourself to pampering, except knowing that your main squeeze is getting their relaxation on, too.


21. Rent a Boat

We’re talking about a canoe or paddle-boat here. We don’t expect you to be filthy rich and know how to sail a yacht (but hey, kudos if you do. We suppose that would be pretty darn romantic). But back to the canoe; at risk of re-enacting a scene from every 80s rom-com ever, make like Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones’ Diary and get your significant other to cackle with your vulgar poetry. Try not to fall in, unless it’s 30-degrees or higher of course.

22. Go Fruit Picking

Picking your own luscious berries and juicy pears, apples and plums from orchards can be remarkably rewarding. While your mouth is watering for the scrumptious fresh fruit, peer between the trees to watch your sidekick bend down to reach a particularly low bramble (low-hanging fruit anyone?).

Australia's best farmers markets

23. Watch Wildlife

Maybe it’s birds, maybe it’s whales, maybe it’s the wildcat next to you. Be mesmerised (and patient) together.

24. Wander a Botanical Garden

Roses are red, violets are blue, your date’s having a great time, and they smell fantastic, too. 

25. Take a Romantic Stroll Together

Whether it’s in the aforementioned botanical garden, or along the sandy shore of a mesmerising coastline. Strolling hand in hand is a traditional romantic concept (do you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain?), but one that maybe you can get more excited about with our guide to 23 of Australia’s best walks

So how’s that for romance? If it was a first date, you’ve hopefully got 24 more lined up. But of course the ultimate romantic gesture is always going to be a getaway (sorry diamond ring). So get those heart rates escalating and plan your next romantic escape now, with our couples’ weekends collection.