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Luxury, Boutique & Romantic Accommodation in Australia's Northwest, Broome and the Golden Outback

The outback occupies an iconic space in the Australian imagination: somewhere over the horizon where the immensity of nature rules and humans are dwarfed by the grandeur of the landscape. In this part of Western Australia the icon becomes reality with all the wild beauty and spectacular sights that it involves. This is the land where Aboriginal Dreaming still echoes from the rocks, trees, rivers and lagoons, and the magic of it can be even be felt in your Broome accommodation.

Map View of Properties
Kimberley Sands Resort and Spa

Cable Beach, wa

1-5 guests
1-2 beds
72 accommodation(s)
The Pearle of Cable Beach

Cable Beach, wa

1-6 guests
1-3 beds
66 accommodation(s)

Map view of properties in Australia's Northwest, Broome and the Golden Outback

Discover the diversity of the outback

Those who haven’t visited often have a monochromatic view of the outback, but it is full of contrasts. The landscape has imposed itself on the culture of those who live here: they are laconic and laid-back but ready to help dig a stranger’s car out of a hole.

The red-brown soil, wispy spinifex, dramatic gorges and dry river beds that flood in the flash of the wet are the stage upon which nature and humans create a character-filled pantomime. 

Far to the north, Broome has matured into a leading destination for travellers seeking that most elusive experience: outback ambience with a culturally cosmopolitan gloss. Broome has it. From its early pearling days, Broome welcomed people of Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian and Middle Eastern origin who together have created a unique and enduring culture. Yet Broome has an undeniably outback Aussie flavour - and the result is an enchantingly diverse travel experience with luxury accommodation of equal allure.

Sunset on Cable Beach has become a standard Broome photo opportunity - with good reason. As the tropic sky blushes shades of red and orange, it is time to just sit back and soak up the atmosphere with a cocktail before dining at one of the beachside restaurants. 

Your Broome accommodation will be a great starting point for adventure tours into the Kimberley – and what an adventure awaits you. Few Australians fully appreciate the extraordinary beauty of the Kimberley region. It is a landscape of vast savannah lands, deeply carved gorges and craggy rock outcrops. But don’t just drive off into the wild blue yonder hoping to find something special… it’s too big for that.

There are many tour companies, accommodation hosts and guides who appreciate their region’s extraordinary flora, fauna and ancient Aboriginal rock art. Seek them out and learn how to reach the Kimberley’s natural wonders, whether it be by 4WD, canoe, light plane or helicopter. And don’t just slip into your luxury tent or four-poster station bed at night without standing awe-struck before the majestic night sky.

The remote interior and north of Western Australia is a treasure trove of both mineral wealth and stunning landscapes. It offers a range of activities, sights and sounds that can only be found in a land which has been continuously settled for more than fifty centuries. Some time in your life, you should find the time to see this wondrous land – you can make it soon with our handpicked collection of luxury accommodation in Broome and Australia's Northwest.

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